What are the Key Health Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy?

What are the Key Health Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy?

Acupuncture is one of the most authentic and result-driven Chinese medicine or practice that consists of inserting fine needles into specific points on the skin. The purpose is to relieve pain and heal your body from mental and physical hardships. It has been gaining a lot of popularity among working professionals and people with long-term mobility issues in Newcastle. It is a safe and effective therapy for various health problems, such as Insomnia, Chronic Stress, menstrual cramps or back pain. Consider this therapy option if you are looking for a holistic and wellness retreat after a long, hectic week. Here are some of the key health benefits of Acupuncture that will help you lead a healthy life.

How Does Acupuncture Therapy Work?

In this traditional medicine, an acupuncturist inserts tiny needles into specific points on the skin called acupoints along with meridians to rebalance the flow and restore your health. Acupoints on your body release certain chemicals, help support physiological homeostasis, and reduce the symptoms of various health problems. Make sure you find the best wellness studio in Newcastle for Acupuncture and other healing therapies.   Key Health Benefits of Acupuncture Below are some of the most common advantages you can leverage with Acupuncture.

It Helps in Relieving Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic lower back pain or knee pain? Instead of trying any other expensive therapies, you can get Acupuncture. Regular sessions can relieve chronic pain and heal your muscles. Many people in Newcastle have cured 12-month-old neck pain, knee pain and even headaches in the most holistic manner.  Make sure you find the right fitness routine if you are overweight and want to reduce your lower back pain.

Tame Migraine Pain

People suffering from serious migraine pain are feeling relaxed after their acupuncture treatments. The insertion of needles on specific body points can help reduce painful migraines and help you lead a better life. It is good to continue your session for a few weeks to see positive results. It can further minimise headaches and cervical pain.

Reduce Allergic Asthma

This traditional Chinese therapy may help minimise the triggering symptoms of asthma and other allergic reactions. According to experts, it is important to receive a minimum of 15-16 acupuncture sessions for three months to reduce your asthmatic symptoms and immunity-related problems.  You can also practice mindfulness breathing to reduce the symptoms like cold, cough and other respiratory illness.

Improves Sleep Quality

Some experts believe that Acupuncture is also helpful in treating insomnia and improving sleep quality. Insomnia is a chronic sleep disorder that requires strong medications. Unfortunately, these medications can affect your health and make you more lethargic in the long run. So, it is good to continue your acupuncture sessions for a month to see significant improvement.

Recovers Body after Surgery

Surgery recovery can be time-consuming and painful. However, Acupuncture can help reduce various symptoms after surgery. This includes vomiting and nausea from local anesthesia, restlessness, sore throat, constipation, etc. It is good to find the best holistic and wellness studio in Newcastle, NSW, to get the best acupuncture treatments and heal your pain and discomfort.


These are some of the key health benefits of acupuncture therapy and alleviate stress, chronic body pain, migraine, headaches and insomnia.