Kids Pilates

Children are very different to adults and so kids Pilates should be taught very differently to regular Pilates. Not only are kids different in the size and shape of their bodies but they also differ in how they learn and interact with their surrounding environment! When looking for a studio/teacher for your kids, it is imperative you seek out a therapist who understands these differences and is able to appropriately modified their classes to suit children and adolescents.

How Can the Pilates Method assist your children and adolescents?

It's so important for our kids to know about their bodies, especially from a young age. In our 1 hour kids Pilates classes, our kids learn how to improve;

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • mental concentration
  • posture and body awareness

By using a mixture of mat and studio Pilates exercises, we provide a comprehensive fitness program that promotes problem-solving, self-esteem, social skills and fun creative self-expression, keeping in mind that every child is extremely unique!

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